The temperature of food products is easy to measure using infrared thermometry, as they are usually non-reflective.

Calex sensors, monitoring the temperature of food items on a conveyor, can be configured for peak or valley hold processing, so the temperature of the most recent target is held while the next target is moved in front of the sensor. Successful applications also include chocolate and toffee manufacture.

Detailed application notes: chocolate and toffee manufacture (PDF)

Flour milling

Temperature monitoring is essential in environments where overheating can cause an explosion risk, for example, a large system of PyroBus sensors with air purge collars may be used to monitor multiple rollers in flour mills so that dangerously high temperatures can be noticed before the combustible flour dust can catch fire.

Flour mill rollstand temperature monitoring with the PyroBus IR sensor (PDF)

Lens Material

Calex sensors have a tough germanium or silicon (not glass) lens, and are being used in food applications around the world. However, if additional safeguards are required, a plastic window is available to protect the lens of the sensor from damage, and to contain fragments of lens in case of damage.

This application note describes how a special Calex sensor is being used, in the food industry, with a plastic window such as this.

Right-angled infrared temperature sensor with protective plastic window (PDF)

Other applications

Detailed application notes: infrared temperature measurement in food safety (PDF)

Food temperature measurement through glass jars using the PyroUSB 2.2 (PDF)

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