PyroMini OEM
Low-Cost Pyrometer for Machine Manufacturers


  • Miniature sensing head withstands up to 120°C ambient temperature without cooling
  • Measurement ranges from -20°C to 500°C
  • Choice of outputs: 4-20 mA, 0-10 V DC, Type J or K thermocouple
  • Right-angled cable entry for low-profile installations
  • Stainless steel sensing head, sealed to IP65
  • Fixed emissivity 0.95 - suitable for measuring most non-reflective non-metals, and painted surfaces
  • Not designed or approved for fever detection


Simple – Save installation time and reduce the cost of instrumentation on the machines you build with the PyroMini OEM.

Easy – This simple sensor works straight out of the box with no configuration necessary.

Accurate – Fixed emissivity setting provides accurate measurements on non-reflective materials such as paper, foodstuffs, organic materials, rubber, painted surfaces (including painted metals) and thick plastics.

Compact – Install the sensor where space is limited. The sensing head measures just 55 mm long, with a right-angled cable entry.

Industry standard outputs – A choice of robust industrial analogue outputs including 4-20 mA, thermocouple or voltage allows the sensor to be connected directly to an existing temperature indicator or controller.

General Specifications

Temperature Range
-20°C to 100°C (LT models)
0°C to 250°C (MT models)
0°C to 500°C (HT models)
Choice of outputs:
4-20 mA, 2-wire, loop-powered, linear with temperature,
0-10 V DC, linear with temperature,
Type J Thermocouple,
Type K Thermocouple
Field of View
Choice of options (see Field of View Diagrams)
± 1°C or 1% of reading, whichever is greater
± 0.5°C or 0.5% of reading, whichever is greater
Emissivity Setting
Fixed at 0.95
Response Time, t90
240 ms (90% response)
Spectral Range
8 to 14 μm
Supply Voltage (at Sensor)
12 to 28 V DC (for 0-10 V DC models)
8 to 28 V DC (for all other models)
Maximum Current Draw
20 mA
Max. Loop Impedance
900 Ω (4-20 mA output)

Field of View Diagrams

The given measured spot size contains 90% of the energy detected by the sensor. We normally recommend the target is at least twice as large as the given measured spot for maximum accuracy. Sensors may be used at longer distances than the above diagrams show. There is no maximum measurement distance in clean air, and accuracy does not change with distance; this is because the sensor detects only the wavelengths of infrared radiation that are not absorbed by the atmosphere.

Mechanical Specifications

Construction (Sensing Head)
Stainless Steel 316
Construction (Electronics Module)
Major Dimensions (Sensing Head)
18(dia.) x 55(l) mm (see Installation)
Major Dimensions (Electronics Module)
26.5(h) x 25(w) x ~130(l) mm including cable glands
Mounting (Sensing Head)
M16 x 1 mm thread
Mounting nut included
Mounting (Electronics Module)
Requires four M3 screws (see Installation)
Cable Length
Sensing head cable: 3 m
Output cable: 1 m as standard; up to 30 m available

Relative Humidity
95% Non-Condensing
Conforms to Standards

Electromagnetic Compatibility Standards

Conforms with EMC Directive EN61326-1:2006 (Electrical Equipment for Measurement, Control and Laboratory Use – Industrial)

Environmental Specifications

Environmental Rating
Ambient Temperature Range
Sensing Head
Environmental RatingIP65
Ambient Temperature Range0°C to 120°C
Electronics Module (without touch screen)
Environmental RatingIP50
Ambient Temperature Range0°C to 70°C

The PyroMiniOEM is ideal for use in a range of applications, such as:

Typical Applications

Food industry
The PyroMini OEM's non-intrusive design means this temperature sensor can be fitted to food manufacturing machines, taking up a minimum of space, and can be used without contamination of the product. This is all thanks to the compact 55mm non-contact sensing head.
In the plastic manufacturing industry, thermoforming machines heat plastic sheets to make them malleable. Provided the plastic is thicker than a millimetre or so, it can be measured easily using a general purpose sensor (contact Calex for specialised sensors for thinner plastics).

To integrate a PyroMini OEM sensor into existing machinery monitoring systems, there is a choice of four analogue output options.
Wood processing
Timber workpieces in wood manufacturing machines are constantly on the move, and as such contact temperature probes would not be suitable. Wood temperature can be measured in processes such as sawing, sanding and planing to help indicate worn cutting surfaces.
Calex sensors are commonly used in measuring textiles with success. Industries such as textile manufacturing deploy temperature sensors to their production machinery, to monitor fabric web temperatures as well as the equipment itself such as coated rollers. Steel rollers can be measured using the PyroMini OEM if a band is painted (to measure bare steel, consider the PyroUSB).

Machinery such as screen-printers, dryers and tunnel finishers will benefit due to the need for continuous temperature monitoring.
Enclosed Spaces
A small sensing head with a right-angled cable entry allows for the discreet installation of the PyroMini OEM into most spaces. The sensor can be installed in a 16 mm hole via the included mounting nut, and optional mounting brackets are also available.

Dimensions – Sensing Head

Dimensions – Electronics Module

Dimensions – Air Purge Collar

Electrical Installation – 4-20 mA Output Models

Electrical Installation – Thermocouple Output Models

Electrical Installation – Voltage Output Models



Air Purge Collar

The air purge collar is used to keep dust, fumes, moisture and other contaminants away from the lens. Air flows into the fitting on the side and out of the aperture at the front.

Fixed Mounting Bracket

The L-shaped fixed mounting bracket offers a rigid support for the sensor and allows fine rotational adjustment about one axis.

Adjustable Mounting Bracket

The adjustable mounting bracket consists of a fixed mounting bracket plus another L-shaped bracket. When assembled as shown, the adjustable mounting bracket offers a rigid support for the sensor and allows fine two-axis adjustment.

Laser Sighting Tool

The Laser Sighting Tool screws onto the front of the sensor during installation and shows precisely where the sensor is aiming. Once the sensor has been aimed at the centre of the target and locked in position, the Laser Sighting Tool can be removed. The laser is operated via a latching push button on the front of the tool.

Dual Laser Sighting Bracket

The Dual Laser Sighting Bracket is a sturdy mount for the sensor and provides continuous target sighting while measurements are being taken. Two parallel lasers indicate the centre of the measured spot and are controlled by a remote switch on the electronics module.

View data sheet (PDF)

PID Controllers and Indicators

The PyroMini OEM’s analogue output may be connected to any of our indicating controllers for PID control.

The PyroMini OEM is a two-piece sensor with a miniature sensing head and separate electronics module. Each model number includes both parts.

Model Numbers