Custom Products

If you can’t find a standard product to suit your application, we can look at producing a custom version with the modifications and design changes you need.

Some changes, such as temperature range and emissivity setting, are quick and simple for us to make using standard hardware. We can often produce these without a minimum order quantity, with a fast delivery time and at minimal cost to you.

We can also make additions to some products, such as a connector being attached to the output cable. There may be a small minimum order quantity in these cases. We can often find the necessary parts with fast delivery and we would discuss this with you to find something that suits your timescale.

Custom sensors involving major modifications are also possible. We can look into new designs of housing, new electronics or non-standard output types. In these cases, we would discuss the quantity and delivery schedule you need, and make sure the product is technically and commercially feasible.

Contact us to discuss your needs.

Custom modifications

  • Temperature range

    Most of our standard models are available with a choice of temperature ranges, or the ability to configure the 4 to 20 mA output scale, however if you need a specific range on a certain model, such as -10°C to 90°C on a PyroCouple, we can provide it.

  • Output type

    Do you need a sensor with a certain thermocouple output type, or a particular analogue voltage range to match a certain temperature scale? How about a digital communication protocol for the sensor to interface with your chosen microprocessor? Let us know and we will see what we can do.

  • Emissivity setting

    Models with fixed emissivity, such as the PyroCouple or the PyroMini OEM, can be provided with the specific emissivity setting you need. We suggest using a configurable general-purpose sensor to find the setting you need. Then contact us for a quotation on a model with that setting pre-programmed by Calex during manufacturing.

  • Connectors

    Depending on the type of sensor and the application requirements it may be possible for us to fit a connector on the output cable of a sensor, or even the sensing head cable of some two-piece sensors. We’ve fitted M12 connectors, 9-pin D connectors, US military-spec connectors and mating pairs of specialist shielded in-line connectors, among others. Let us know what you need.

  • Housing

    Do you need a sensor for a particular application where the shape of the housing is important? Do you need the sensor to view at a 90-degree angle, or a specific mounting type to suit your application? Get in touch and we can talk about the design changes you need.

  • Modbus data format

    The standard Modbus bit configuration on Calex infrared temperature sensors is 9600 baud, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit. However, we can provide sensors with any of these settings specially configured to match your Modbus Master. Get in touch and tell us the Modbus settings you need.

Custom design process

We want to make the process as easy as possible for you. Here’s how it works:

  1. Tell us your needs. Contact us by email or phone, or use the contact form on our website.
  2. Our engineers will talk through the necessary modifications with you.
  3. We will let you know if the product is technically feasible, and discuss pricing, depending on your required quantity and delivery schedule.
  4. We’ll send a formal quotation to begin the usual purchasing procedure.

Get in touch

Contact us or call +44 (0)1525 373178 and tell us what you need. Our engineers will be happy to help!

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