Calibration Checker for Infrared Temperature Sensors


  • Quick and accurate way to check the calibration of IR pyrometers
  • Fixed temperature from 35°C to 150°C - depending on model
  • Outstanding temperature stability, less than ±0.2°C deviation
  • LED temperature indication
  • Not designed or approved for fever detection

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The FTK takes between 5 and 15 minutes to heat and stabilise at the desired temperature  depending on the model), and uses a clear LED to show when it has reached that temperature: green when the FTK is warming up, orange when the FTK is ready for operation and red when the FTK is above the calibration temperature.
The FTK can be used with any infrared temperature sensor that is able to measure  between 35ºC and 150ºC and can focus on a target area less than Ø 50.8 mm.

General Specifications

Target Temperature
from 35 °C to 150 °C depending on model (see Ordering)
0.98 ± 0.004 (for wavelength of 2 to 5.4 μm and 8 to 14 μm)
Aperture diameter
50.8 mm
Warm-up time
5 minutes (FTK 35) to 15 minutes (FTK 150) max.
Temperature uncertainty
0.4 °C for ambient temp. 10 to 30 °C (FTK 35 - 120)
0.6 °C for ambient temp. 0 to 10 °C (FTK 35 - 120)

0.5 °C for ambient temp. 10 to 40 °C (FTK 130 - 150)
0.7 °C for ambient temp. 0 to 10 °C (FTK 130 - 150)
Temperature uniformity
0.2°C (central area ø 45 mm)
Operating (ambient) temperature
0 to 30 °C continuously, or:
Up to 70 °C temporarily (2 minutes max.)
Storage temperature
0 to 70°C
Relative humidity
10 to 85 %, non condensing
Status LED
green: warm-up
orange: ready for operation
red: above calibration temperature
Power supply
24 V DC, 1 A max.
Protection class
IP50 (EN 60529)
0.9 kg
Dimensions [mm]
64.5 x 81.0 x 133.5 (ø x D x H)
(see Installation)
CE marking
according to EU regulations

Power Adapter Specifications

Supply voltage
100 to 240 V AC, 50 Hz
24 V DC, 1.3 A
Protection class
EN 60950
0.3 kg approx
CE marking
according to EU directives regarding electromagnetic immunity
The FTK provides a quick and accurate way to check the calibration of infrared temperature sensors.
It is designed to provide fast calibration checks anywhere they are needed, from the factory to the workshop or laboratory.
  1. For the sensor being checked, ensure it can measure a spot no larger than 50.8 mm at the desired measurement distance.
  2. Place the FTK in the same ambient temperature conditions as the sensor and switch on the power.
  3. For best results, the FTK should be mounted in a calibration room, and the sensors brought to it for checking. In this case, allow the sensors to acclimatise to the ambient conditions of the calibration room for at least 20 minutes before measuring.
  4. Allow the FTK temperature to stabilise for 5 to 15 minutes after power on, depending on the model. Higher-temperature models require a longer stabilisation period.
  5. Measure the temperature.

Dimensions (mm)

The FTK is supplied with a mains power adapter and either a UK, Europe, USA, or Australia plug (please specify on your order).


Adjustable ball and socket mounting block.


Contact Calex for a quotation.

Model Description
FTK 35 Temperature set point 35°C
FTK 45 Temperature set point 45°C
FTK 50 Temperature set point 50°C
FTK 55 Temperature set point 55°C
FTK 60 Temperature set point 60°C
FTK 65 Temperature set point 65°C
FTK 70 Temperature set point 70°C
FTK 75 Temperature set point 75°C
FTK 80 Temperature set point 80°C
FTK 85 Temperature set point 85°C
FTK 90 Temperature set point 90°C
FTK 95 Temperature set point 95°C
FTK 100 Temperature set point 100°C
FTK 110 Temperature set point 110°C
FTK 120 Temperature set point 120°C
FTK 130 Temperature set point 130°C
FTK 140 Temperature set point 140°C
FTK 150 Temperature set point 150°C