Blackbody Calibration Source for Infrared Temperature Sensors


  • Variable temperature -20°C to +125°C
  • Extremely high emissivity > 0.995
  • 50 mm diameter cavity
  • Not designed or approved for fever detection

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The BB982 Portable Blackbody Calibration Source allows for calibration of non-contact infrared thermometers over the temperature range -20°C to +125°C.
It is suitable for use as a primary radiation source for infrared thermometers.
Laboratory performance and low uncertainty calibrations are ensured by the combination of high emissivity and excellent temperature uniformity.
The digital temperature controller allows the block temperature to be set to any value from -20°C to +125°C.
A separate, built-in temperature indicator and included platinum resistance thermometer provide traceability of the true radiance temperature.
A three point traceable calibration certificate is included. UKAS calibration of the resistance thermometer is available, as is radiometric calibration.
Temperature stability and uniformity is provided by distributed heating technology and solid-state vibration-free cooling.

General Specifications

Temperature Range
-20°C to 125°C
Greater than 0.995
Display Resolution
Aperture Diameter
50 mm
Cavity Depth
150 mm (whole cavity recessed 42 mm from aperture - see data sheet for diagram)
PC Interface
200 W typical
100-130 or 208-240 V AC (please specify required voltage)
H 310 mm, W 265 mm, D 200 mm
10 kg

Dimensions (mm)

Orifice Plates

Restricts the size of the aperture to 10-40 mm. Set of 4 plates.

Carrying Case

Hard carrying case for BB982 with internal padding to protect the blackbody in transit.

Order using the model number BB982.

Includes temperature controller, separate built-in temperature indicator, PC interface and software, platinum resistance thermometer and three point traceable calibration certificate