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The new ExTempMini is an intrinsically safe two-piece pyrometer with a sensing head that can be used in high ambient temperatures, up to 180°C. The sensor is ATEX, IECEx, UKCA and JapanEx certified for all surface gas Zones up to Zone 0 (sensing head) and Zone 1 (electronics module). The sensor has a two-wire 4-20 … Continue reading ExTempMini: New ATEX Pyrometer for High Ambient Temperatures

Calex PyroNFC infrared temperature sensor with iOS app

 The PyroNFC configuration app is now available for Apple iOS devices! You can now use Android or iPhone devices to configure this low-cost general-purpose industrial infrared temperature sensor.

The new LCT-485 network interface for ExTemp intrinsically safe infrared temperature sensors is now available to order! It is designed to be connected on the safe side of an Intrinsically Safe barrier or isolator, and allows multiple ExTemp sensors to be monitored and configured digitally on the same RS-485 Modbus RTU network. The LCT-485 features automatic … Continue reading New RS-485 Network Interface for ExTemp sensors now available

Calex PyroSigma - miniature infrared temperature sensor with display - rear view showing display and controls

The remarkable new PyroSigma infrared temperature sensor with built-in display is now available to order. 

How to find the right emissivity setting for an infrared temperature sensor

For accurate results when using an infrared temperature sensor (pyrometer), the emissivity setting must be correct. Here are some methods to help you find the right setting to use.

Save space and cut costs with the new PyroMini OEM from Calex. This infrared pyrometer has a miniature sensing head that can be used in ambient temperatures of up to 120°C with no need for cooling.

PyroMini Settings Screen

Powerful processing features are available on many Calex infrared temperature sensors as standard. Learn more about these features, and some of the sensors that provide them.

pyrometer food

Calex non-contact infrared temperature sensors are ideally suited for use in food processing and manufacturing industries, as they can be used without contaminating or disturbing the product. The sensors have a very fast response time and can accurately measure the surface temperature of food substances moving on a conveyor belt, in vats with stirrers and … Continue reading Non-Contact Infrared Sensors in the Food Processing Industry

Short wavelength infrared temperature sensors provide improved results on hot metal surfaces. Here is a comparison of three of our shortwave pyrometers.

Calex short wavelength (2.0 to 2.6 µm) infrared temperature sensors are suitable for accurately measuring the surface temperature of non-metals and some metals at high or low temperatures. These sensors have adjustable emissivity settings, reflected energy compensation and peak and valley hold processing, making them particularly suitable for measuring hot objects in a furnace or on … Continue reading Comparison of Short Wavelength Infrared Temperature Sensors

The FTK calibration source is a low cost way of checking the accuracy of infrared temperature sensors.

Blackbody calibration sources from Calex allow the calibration of infrared temperature sensors with low uncertainty. This article explains what makes the best blackbody calibration source for a given application and what you should consider when choosing one.