New RS-485 Network Interface for ExTemp sensors now available

The new LCT-485 network interface for ExTemp intrinsically safe infrared temperature sensors is now available to order!

It is designed to be connected on the safe side of an Intrinsically Safe barrier or isolator, and allows multiple ExTemp sensors to be monitored and configured digitally on the same RS-485 Modbus RTU network.

The LCT-485 features automatic baud rate detection for use with a variety of Modbus Masters.

Each LCT-485 provides communications for one ExTemp sensor. Up to 224 LCT-485 devices may be connected to a single Modbus Master.

Network layout for model LCT-485 (RS-485 Modbus interface for ExTemp series sensors)


Specifications of the LCT-485 are available in the ExTemp data sheet. To find out how to buy the LCT-485 in your region, please contact Calex.

By Anthony Smith