New Pyrometer for Machine Manufacturers – PyroMini OEM

Save space and cut costs with the new PyroMini OEM from Calex. This infrared pyrometer has a miniature sensing head that can be used in ambient temperatures of up to 120°C with no need for cooling.

The sensor’s fixed emissivity setting of 0.95 makes it extremely simple to set up, and allows it to measure non-reflective non-metal surfaces with industry-leading accuracy and repeatability. A response time of just 240 ms provides a near-instant measurement of the surface temperature.

Materials such as rubber, paper, wood, thick plastics, textiles, asphalt, resins and organic materials can all be measured with the PyroMini OEM pyrometer, and other materials including metals can also be measured if an area of the surface is painted first. Other materials can also be measured using alternative sensors – contact Calex for more information.

A choice of analogue outputs is available: two-wire 4-20 mA, as well as four-wire Type J or K thermocouple, and 0-10 V DC.

The miniature sensing head with right-angled cable entry measures just 55 mm in length, including the sensor’s mounting thread. The separate electronics module has a small, lightweight housing that also fits into restricted spaces in machinery.

Example applications:

Paper and corrugated board manufacturing: web temperatures are measured quickly and accurately, and the 120°C ambient temperature capability allows the sensor to be installed near heated machinery such as calender rolls and single facers.

Curing: Resins, powder coatings, composite materials and printed textiles can all be measured with precise results and a near-instant response time. The non-contact sensor provides a non-invasive way to measure the surface temperature as the object cures. The sensing head can be installed inside ovens and dryers, and near infrared heaters, provided the ambient temperature is below 120°C.

Heated Rollers: Roll surface temperatures are easily measured provided the roll surface is non-reflective (e.g. silicone or rubber coated), or if a measurable band is painted around the roll. The PyroMini is ideal for machinery in the textile, food, rubber, plastic, laminating and converting industries among others.

Power Distribution: Measuring the temperature of electrical joints, transformers and batteries can provide early warning of deterioration, and help plan preventative maintenance.

This low-cost pyrometer can also be used in many more industrial applications than those described above. Full specifications are available at .

To find out more about its suitability for your installation, contact Calex on +44 (0)1525 373178, or email

By Anthony Smith