Pixsys ATR144
Panel-mounted, 4-digit PID indicating controller with easy configuration via NFC


  • Two bright displays - see the process value and setpoint value simultaneously
  • Scrolling Help function - simple configuration without the instruction manual
  • Universal analogue input for almost any industrial sensor
  • Wide power supply range 24 to 230 V AC/DC
  • Accepts current, voltage, thermocouple, RTD, thermistor or potentiometer inputs
  • Relay, SSR and RS485 Modbus output options
  • Flexible and powerful configurability; one model suits many applications

General Specifications

1 configurable for J, K, R, S, T, N, B thermocouples with automatic cold junction compensation; Pt100; Ni100; Pt500; Pt1000; Ni100; PTC1K; NTC10K (β 3435K); 0/4 to 20 mA; 0 to 10 V DC; 0 to 60 mV; potentiometers 1 to 150 kΩ
1 or 2 relays (see Ordering) rated 250 V AC 5A resistive; 1 x SSR rated 12 V DC 25 mA max; RS485 Modbus RTU (-T models)
Control Action
ON/OFF with hysteresis; P, PI, PID, PD time-proportioned
Manual or automatic
Via NFC using free Android app; via push buttons on front of controller; via USB memory card (optional); PC software (optional); via EASY-UP codes.
Setpoint protection
Setpoints for control and alarm can be locked; access to parameters is protected by a 4-digit passcode
4 digits, height 9.6 mm, bright white; 5 digits, height 7 mm, bright red
Sampling Time
Programmable as fast as 2.1 ms (470 Hz)
Supply Voltage
24 to 230 V AC/DC
Power consumption
5 W
Operating Temperature
0°C to 45°C
Operating Humidity
35% to 95% RH
IP65 front panel with gasket, IP20 housing and terminal blocks
35H x 77W (front panel), depth behind front panel 53 mm

Typical Applications

Dairy industry
Environmental chambers
Leather and footwear machinery
Cereal, pet food and grain dryers
Metalworking and forging
Heating element and burner control
Indicator for inverters
Building automation
Brewery temperature control

Electrical Installation

Pixsys ATR144 electrical connection diagrams showing pinout for power supply, relay output, digital I/O, RS485 and sensor input

Dimensions (mm)

The following accessories are available for the ATR144:

• USB memory card for quick configuration of many controllers

• LABSOFTVIEW software for configuration

• Panel sealing gasket


Model Description
Pixsys ATR144 controller/indicator, panel mountable, dual bright 4-digit displays, NFC configuration, supply voltage 24 … 230 V AC / DC, universal input for 1 sensor, with:
ATR144-ABC 2 x relay outputs and 1 x digital input/output (inc. SSR)
ATR144-ABC-T 1 x relay output, 1 x digital input/output (inc. SSR) and RS485 Modbus RTU communications