Sighting a Target when using Calex Infrared Temperature Sensors

How do you know if your infrared temperature sensor is aimed correctly? Here are some easy ways to improve the alignment of your pyrometer.

When using a non-contact infrared temperature sensor for measuring target temperature, the sensor head can be aligned simply by positioning it at the point where the temperature reading is maximum.

However, in some applications, it may be important to precisely denote the centre of the measured spot, thereby preventing measurement errors due to misalignment of the sensing head. For such cases, Calex offers several innovative solutions:

Removable Laser Sighting Tool

Laser Sighting Tool (LSTS) fitted onto a sensor

The laser sighting tool, LSTS or LSTL, is fitted onto the front of the infrared sensor to adjust the sighting of the sensor and then removed when the sensor is in use. The laser gives a spot precisely at the centre of the sensors field of view.

There are two models:

Model Compatible With
LSTS PyroCouple, PyroBus, PyroEpsilon, PyroMini, PyroMiniBus, PyroMiniUSB, PyroCAN

Dual Laser Sighting Bracket

Dual Laser Sighting Bracket (DLSBFS) fitted onto a PyroCouple sensor

The Dual Laser Sighting Brackets are designed to remain fitted to the front of the infrared sensor, enabling continuous sighting of a target during the temperature measurement.

The centre of the sensor’s field of view lies halfway between the two spots produced by the lasers.

These are available as either a fixed bracket, allowing 1 axis adjustment, or an adjustable bracket, allowing 2-axis adjustment. Extension cable (DLSBCE) is available for all of these brackets.

There are four models:

Fixed (1-axis rotation) Adjustable (2-axis rotation) Compatible With
DLSBFS DLSBAS PyroCouple, PyroBus, PyroEpsilon, PyroMini, PyroMiniBus, PyroMiniUSB, PyroCAN

Built-in LED sighting

The PyroCube infrared temperature sensor has built-in LED sighting which enables very precise measurement by showing the exact measured spot size during the measurement of the target temperature.

PyroCube PCU-S1.6 sensor with built-in LED sighting, showing the position and size of the measurement spot (1.6 mm diameter)

Built-in Laser Sighting

The Calex FibreMini infrared temperature sensor has a fibre-optic cable which enables built-in laser sighting. This offers high performance measurement by showing the exact spot diameter at any distance (note: the laser spot is brightest at short distances). The laser sighting can be used at the same time as taking the measurement.

The FibreMini fibre optic pyrometer for metals and harsh, high-temperature applications

FibreMini sensor with built-in laser sighting

The Calex handheld “gun-style” infrared thermometers (ST640, ST642, ST688 and ST689) have built-in laser sighting that can be switched on or off during use. The laser beam runs parallel to the centre of the sensor’s field of view.

ST688 hand-held sensor with built-in laser sighting

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