Blow Moulding – Infrared Temperature Measurement of the Preform

Measuring the temperature of plastic preforms in blow moulding applications is easy with Calex infrared temperature sensors. An accurate measurement can be obtained as fast as 1 millisecond, even from the smallest preform, without touching the preform.

It is possible to instantly and accurately measure the temperature of every individual preform as it moves past the sensor.

Whether your main concern is achieving repeatable results, measuring a small object, or finding the fastest infrared temperature sensor for plastic blow moulding, there is something in the Calex product range for you.

The temperature of the preform (parison) is measured just before it is inflated inside the mould. This measurement may be used to improve the speed and efficiency of the heating stage, improve product quality and consistency, and ensure that energy wastage is kept to a minimum.

Read our detailed blow moulding PDF to find out which pyrometer could be the most suitable for your application:

Blow Moulding Infrared Temperature Measurement (PDF)

By Anthony Smith