How to Use Third Party Modbus Software with Calex Sensors

Modbus is a communication protocol for networks of devices, including Calex infrared temperature sensors such as the PyroMiniBus. Our own specialised hardware makes it easy to take measurements and configure sensors without any programming knowledge, however it is also possible to use third-party software to communicate with Modbus devices. A little understanding of Modbus is required to do this, and our new introductory PDF guide explains how.

At first glance, the series of hexadecimal characters that comprises a Modbus message can seem difficult to decipher, however with some knowledge of the standard structure of the Modbus message, it is much easier to understand.

Our new introductory guide describes the basics of Modbus and provides some example requests and responses in the same format that is usually displayed by third-party Modbus master software.

Read more here: Using Calex Infrared Temperature Sensors with Modbus (PDF) 


By Anthony Smith