6-channel Modbus Pyrometer Hub with Data Logging


  • Compatible with PyroMiniBus, PyroMini, PyroBus and FibreMini sensors
  • Configure, display and log data and alarms from up to 6 sensors per PM180 unit, simultaneously or individually
  • MicroSD Card stores up to 1 year of data (with 2 GB card)
  • Touch screen with backlight
  • Analogue and alarm relay outputs via optional modules
  • 2-channel scrolling temperature chart
  • Multi-drop PM180 units on a larger Modbus network

General Specifications

PyroMiniBus (all models),
PyroBus (all models),
PyroMini (-BB and -BRT models)
2.83” (72 mm) resistive touch TFT, 320 x 240 pixels, backlit
Supply Voltage
10 to 30 V DC
Maximum Current Draw
100 mA
Ambient Temperature Range
0°C to 60°C
Relative Humidity
Maximum 95%, non-condensing
Configurable Parameters (global)
Temperature units, date and time, data logging, graph channels, alarm logging
Configurable Parameters (per sensor)
Signal processing, emissivity setting, reflected energy compensation, alarms,
Modbus address
Alarm Configuration
12 alarms (2 per sensor) with adjustable level, individually configurable as HI or LO
Temperature Units
°C or °F selectable
Temperature Resolution
Signal Processing
Average, peak hold, valley hold, minimum, maximum
Display Sample Period
120 ms per sensor (720 ms in total for 6 sensors)

Data Logging Specifications

Logging Interval
1 to 86,400 seconds (1 day)
MicroSD Card
Max. capacity: 32 GB (not included)
Internal Clock Battery
1 x BR 1225 3V (not included)
Variables Logged
Target temperature, sensing head temperature, alarm events
File Format
.csv (can be imported to Excel)
Configurable Parameters
Sample period, number of samples, scheduled start date and time

Mechanical Specifications

98(w) x 64(h) x 36(d) mm excluding cable glands
280 g

Electromagnetic Compatibility Standards

EN61326-1, EN61326-2-3 (Electrical Equipment for Measurement, Control and Laboratory Use – EMC Requirements – Industrial)

Install the PM180 as the central monitoring and data logging point for a small network of sensors.

It can also be installed as the local display for up to 6 sensors, transmitting data to a larger network of other PM180 units via its Modbus slave interface.

The PMBHUB junction box is designed to connect up to 6 PyroMiniBus sensors to the PM180. It is also compatible with PyroMini and FibreMini sensors via a suitable cable.

Please note: the cable diameter on PyroBus sensors does not fit the PMBHUB cable glands, so PyroBus sensors should be connected to the PM180 by other means.


Electrical Installation

PMBHUB Junction Box

This 6-channel junction box is sealed to IP65. It is the easiest way to connect a small network of PyroMiniBus sensors to a PM180.

Other Accessories

MicroSD Card: Add a MicroSD Card for data logging. With a 2 GB card, a year of data can be stored, or even more with larger cards.

ICP DAS M-7061 Relay Output Module for PM180 touch screen terminal, 12 channel, DIN rail mounted. Each relay can be assigned to any alarm via the PM180 interface.

ICP DAS M-7024 Analogue Output Module for PM180 touch screen terminal, 4 channel, DIN rail mounted. Each output can be assigned to any measured temperature.

Model numbers:

PM180 – 6-channel Modbus display/logger

MSD MicroSD Card and SD Card adapter
M-7061 12-channel relay output module
M-7024 4-channel voltage or current analogue output module

The PM180 can be found on the PyroMiniBus data sheet.