Pixsys STR571
RS485 Modbus Display/Indicator, 8-Channel, Panel-Mounted


  • Read or write 8 variables from Modbus sensors
  • Simultaneously view up to 4 variables per page, with 2 pages
  • Compatible with all Calex Modbus infrared temperature sensors, and other Modbus devices
  • Isolated RS485 Modbus Master interface
  • Multimaster - up to 16 STR571 masters on the same network of slaves
  • RS485 Modbus Slave interface for connection to a larger network
  • 2 Alarm Relay Outputs, and inputs for external controls

General Specifications

Communications and Outputs
1 x RS485 Modbus RTU Master interface, supports 8 channels, e.g. for PyroMiniBus temperature sensors
Modbus Slave
RS485 Modbus RTU Slave interface
3 digital inputs allowing the connection of external controls such as a rotary encoder: 2 x PNP/NPN inputs e.g. to enable outputs, reset alarms, lock configuration, increase/decrease value; 1 X PNP input programmable to select values
2 alarm relays, configurable, rated 250 V AC, 2 A, on/off, with hysteresis
OLED monochrome yellow
Supply Voltage
24-230 V AC/DC ± 10% 50/60 Hz (with 2500 V galvanic isolation)
Power Consumption
6 VA
Housing Dimensions
96 x 48 (front) x 48 mm (1/8 DIN)
Housing Material
Polycarbonate VO
Approximately 165 g
Removable spring-lock terminal blocks
Via built-in push-button controls using simple menu system
Operating range 0°C - 45°C
Operating range 35 - 95% RH (non-condensing)
Front panel; IP54 (IP65 with sealing), and container terminals: IP20
8 Variables
8-channel data management, view 1 to 4 variables on each page, editable text description of each variable (max 16 characters), editable measurement units for each variable (max 5 characters), 1, 16, or 32 bit data format, editable text display for variable values between 0 and 4, configurable display value (offset, gain, limits, rescale)
2 Alarms
ON-OFF with hysteresis
Alarm mode
Absolute/threshold, band with choice of activation mode (instantaneous/ delayed/ retentive/ by digital input), activation by serial line
Connect up to 16 x STR571 master devices on the same Modbus network
Interface Language
English, Italian, German, French, Spanish
Optional front panel encoder to facilitate input of data

Dimensions (mm)

Compatible infrared sensors

Rotary encoder

STR571-1ABC-T128 8-channel panel-mounted display for Modbus sensors including PyroMiniBus