Pixsys ATR243 (Superseded by ATR244)
Panel-mount PID controller with optional current transformer input and RS485 Modbus communications (discontinued - see ATR244)
Alternative Product:Pixsys ATR244


  • 48 x 48 mm (1/16 DIN) panel mounted PID controller for single-loop control
  • Highly configurable; one model suits temperature, pressure, flow, level, pH, humidity, and many other process measurements
  • Dual 4-digit LED displays
  • Universal analogue input for over 15 different types of sensor including current, voltage, thermocouple, RTD, thermistor or potentiometer
  • Relay, SSR, mA and V outputs, configurable for control, alarm or retransmission
  • RS485 Modbus RTU communications (optional)
  • Load monitoring function (Loop Break Alarm) with current transformer (optional).
  • Wide supply voltage range 24 to 230 V AC/DC, galvanically isolated
  • CE Marked and UL Recognized

General Specifications

1 input, configurable for J, K, R or S thermocouples; Pt100; Ni100; Pt1000; Pt500; PTC1k; NTC10k (B 3435K); 0 to 10 V; 0/4 to 20 mA; 0 to 40 mV; potentiometer 6kΩ /150kΩ; Current Transformer 50mA (1024 points)
ATR243-20ABC: 2 relays 5 A resistive OR 1 relay + 1 logic SSR 12 V 30 mA / 4 to 20 mA / 0 to 10 V for control or retransmission (selectable)
ATR243-21ABC-T: 2 relays 5 A resistive + 1 logic SSR 12 V 30 mA / 4 to 20 mA / 0 to 10 V for control or retransmission + RS485 Modbus RTU (57600 baud max) + Current Transformer Input 50 mA for Loop Break Alarm
ATR243-31ABC: 3 relays 5 A resistive + 1 logic SSR 12 V 30 mA / 4 to 20 mA / 0 to 10 V for control or retransmission + Current Transformer Input 50mA for Loop Break Alarm
Control Action
ON/OFF, P, PI, PID, Autotuning
Via push buttons, protected by password; optional memory card with battery for repeat configurations; software for configuration via PC.
4-digit dual LED, 8 red status LEDs
0.5% ± 1 digit for TC/RTD; 0.2% ± 1 digit for V/mA
Sampling Time
Selectable (15 ms max)
Supply Voltage
24 to 230 V AC/DC ± 15%, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption
3 W
Operating Temperature
0°C to 45°C
Operating Humidity
35% to 95% RH
IP54 front panel (IP65 with gasket), IP30 housing, IP20 terminal blocks
48H x 48W x 122.5D mm
Product Markings
CE, UL, RoHS Compliant

Typical Applications

Metalworking furnaces
Heating element and burner control
Leather and footwear machinery
Plastic extrusion
Dairy industry
Current control
Load cell control
Motorised valve control
Injection moulding
Remote control via RS485 Modbus
Cold stores
Pharmaceutical industry
Signal converter

Electrical Installation

Dimensions (mm)

The following accessories are available for the ATR243:

• Memory card for easy configuration of many controllers

• LABSOFTVIEW software for configuration

• Panel sealing gasket


ATR243 is now discontinued and is superseded by ATR244.

Model Description
Pixsys ATR243 controller/indicator, 48 x 48 mm, panel mountable, 1x universal analogue input, 2x 4-digit displays, with:
ATR243-20ABC 2x relay outputs 5 A, or 1x relay output 5 A + 1x SSR/V/mA output (selectable)
ATR243-21ABC-T 2x Relays 5 A + 1x SSR/V/mA Output + RS485 + Current Transformer Input
ATR243-31ABC 3x Relays 5 A + 1x SSR/V/mA Output + Current Transformer Input