32000 Series (Discontinued)
Open Frame AC/DC Regulated Linear Power Supplies


  • Input voltage 100 to 240 V AC
  • Choice of output voltages from 5 to 200 V DC
  • Smooth, low-noise output
  • Easy to install
  • Long, trouble-free life

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The 32000 Series of linear power supplies from Calex convert power from AC to DC with very low output ripple.
All models are designed to industry-standard case sizes for simple installation. They feature a 3.75 kV isolation transformer with a thermal fuse that will blow if the transformer temperature exceeds 130°C.
All models have an earth tag for safety, and automatic foldback current limiting.
Overvoltage protection (OVP) is standard on all units with 5 V DC output, and optional on all other units. This guards sensitive connected equipment against excessive voltage, such as in TTL logic.
To compensate for a voltage drop across the load lines, remote sensing is included in almost all models. All dual-output units have a unique anti-latch circuit that minimises common mode latch-up.

General Specifications

AC Input
100/120/220/240 V AC +10%, -12%
47 to 60 Hz
DC Output
5 V DC to 200 V DC - See Voltage/Current Rating Chart in Data Sheet. Adjustment range ±5% minimum.
Line Regulation
±0.05% for a 10% line change
Load Regulation
±0.05% for a 50% load change.
Output Ripple
2 V to 15 V units: 5.0 mV PK-PK maximum
20 V to 28 V units: 0.02% PK-PK maximum
Transient Response
50 μs for a 50% load change
Short Circuit and Overload Protection
Automatic current limit/foldback
Overvoltage Protection
Built-in on all 5 V outputs. Set at 6.2 V ±0.4 V Other models use optional overvoltage protection. See Option 3 overleaf
Remote Sensing
Provided on most models, open sense load protection built in.
±0.3% for 24 hour period after 1 hour warm-up
Temperature Rating
Standard Range: 0°C to +50°C full-rated, derated linearly to 40% at 70°C

Extended Range: -40°C to +50°C full-rated, derated linearly to 40% at 70°C
Temperature Coefficient
±0.03%/°C maximum
Efficiency (typical)
5V unit: 45%; 12 V and 15 V units: 55%; 24 V units: 60%
Input to ground: 3750 V AC min.Input to output(s): 3750 V AC min.Output to ground: 500 V AC min.Leakage current (live to ground): 5 μA max
RoHS Compliant
Yes ("R" in all model numbers denotes RoHS compliance)

This product is discontinued.