PyroCube M
Pyrometer with fast response and small measurement spot, for low-temperature metals


  • Measures small, reflective metal targets at low temperatures
  • Temperature ranges from 100°C to 600°C
  • Measured spot as small as 1 mm
  • Response time 1 ms
  • Continuous LED aiming light shows the position and size of the measured spot
  • Multilingual touch screen interface (optional)

The PyroCube is an infrared pyrometer with an extremely fast response time and a very small measurement area size. It is available with or without the PM030 touch screen interface.

Measurement Specifications

Temperature Range
100°C to 600°C

Provided emissivity > 0.3, measurements below 100°C are possible with reduced stability.
Analogue Output Scale
Factory set to:
4 mA = 50°C
20 mA = 600°C
Adjustable via optional touch screen module or RS232
Response Time (95%)
1 ms (adjustable via averaging function)
Measured Spot Diameter
From 1.0 mm depending on measurement distance and choice of optics (see Field of View Diagrams below)
Target Sighting
Red LED built-in as standard on all models, shows the position and size of the measurement area. Switchable on/off.
Accuracy of Measurement
± 3°C or 1%, whichever is greater
± (0.2% + 2°C)
Temperature Resolution
Emissivity Setting
Adjustable via RS232C or optional touch screen interface
0.05 to 1.0

PM030 Specifications

Touch Screen Display Format
2.83” (72 mm) resistive touch TFT, 320 x 240 pixels, backlit
Configurable Parameters
Language (English, Chinese, Japanese)
Temperature units °C/°F
Displayed temperature
LED sighting on/off
Date & time (for data logging time stamps)
Peak hold period, decay level
Averaging period
Correction (gain/offset)
Emissivity setting (with teach function)
Reflected energy compensation (with teach function)
Output type
Output temperature range
Polarity on error
Alarm mode, levels, hysteresis

PM030 Data Logging Specifications

MicroSD Card (optional), max. 32 GB, equal to 16 years of data at the fastest sample rate of 1 per second
Data Logging Interval
1 second to 1 day (configurable)
Internal Clock Battery
1 x BR 1225 3V (not included)
Variables Logged
Instantaneous target temperature, hold temperature, alarm events
File format
Configurable Parameters (Data Logging)
Sample period
Number of samples
Scheduled start
Configurable Parameters (Alarm Logging)
Log times when triggered, acknowledged, reset
Log data while triggered

Electrical Specifications

1 analogue output and 1 alarm output
Analogue Output
4-20 mA (this is the default factory setting on all models)

Output type can be changed via optional PM030 touch screen interface to a choice of:
0-20 mA
Voltage (range depends on model, see Ordering)
Alarm Output
1 open drain alarm output, rated 27 V DC, 0.2 A
Supply Voltage
5 to 27 V DC, 100 mA max
Digital Communications
RS232C Modbus RTU, non-isolated
Output Cable Connection to Sensor
-MB models: Hardwired
-MA models: Connector built into sensor

Field of View Diagrams

The given measured spot size contains 90% of the energy detected by the sensor. We normally recommend the target is at least twice as large as the given measured spot for maximum accuracy. Accuracy specifications are valid up to the maximum distances shown.

Mechanical Specifications

Weight (without cable)
-MB models: 85 g
-MA models: 190 g

Environmental Specifications (PyroCube Sensor)

Environmental Rating
Operating Ambient Temperature
0°C to 50°C
Storage Temperature
-15°C to 70°C
Operating Ambient Humidity
30% to 85% RH non-condensing

Display Options

Model PM030 Optional touch screen terminal for indication, configuration, data logging and alarm outputs. Sensor is available with or without display.

The PyroCube M measures the temperature of small, reflective metal targets from 100°C to 600°C with a response time of 1 millisecond.

MA models can measure areas as small as 1 mm. A choice of optics is available.

The smaller, lower-cost MB model measures an 11 mm spot.

All models can measure through glass or quartz viewports.

Application Examples

Welding preheat
Instantly and accurately measure the preheat temperature of steel surfaces before they are welded.
Finishing and coating
Measure the preheat temperature of bare metal surfaces on small parts before they are coated.
Tools and machine shafts
Small, bare metal machine parts such as cutting tools, bearings and shafts can be monitored without contact.

The PyroCube may be installed with or without the PM030 touch screen interface.

Electrical Installation

Dimensions (mm)

PM030 Touch Screen Interface

Provides temperature display, alarm outputs, sensor configuration and data logging for one PyroCube sensor. The PM030 is optional – configuration parameters are stored in the PyroCube sensor, and the sensor can be connected directly to instrumentation.

Panel Mounting Kit

Provides an easy way for the PM030 touch screen interface module to be fixed to a panel.

Mounting Bracket

The L-shaped fixed mounting bracket offers a rigid support for the sensor and allows fine rotational adjustment about one axis.

Protective Window

The protective calcium fluoride window helps prevent contamination and damage of the PyroCube sensor’s lens.


Air Purge Collar

Helps keep dust, moisture and contaminants away from the lens. Use clean (instrument) air.

Airless Dust Protector

Helps keep dust away from the lens. No air supply is required.

Extension Cable

5 metre long cable for PyroCube sensor, fitted with connectors at both ends.

Right Angled Mirror

Reflects the PyroCube sensor’s field of view by 90 degrees, making it easier to install in tight spaces. Includes a protective calcium fluoride window to keep dust from settling on the mirror and lens.

Water Cooling Jacket

Allows the sensing head to be installed where the ambient temperature is above 50°C. Includes an air purge inlet to stop condensation from forming on the lens. Please note that the sensor’s output cable is rated to 80°C.

PID Controllers

The analogue output of the PyroCube is compatible with any of our indicating controllers for closed-loop PID control.

The PyroCube sensor may be ordered with or without the PM030 touch screen interface.

Ordering Information