PyroNet Z (Discontinued)
Wireless Non-Contact Temperature Measurement System


  • Battery-powered wireless transmitter for PyroCouple infrared temperature sensor
  • DC powered receivers: Choice of 1-channel or 125-channel options
  • Analogue outputs, alarm relays, and digital communications
  • Replace expensive cable runs
  • Install temperature sensors where cabling is impossible

This product is discontinued. Contact Calex for assistance on alternative products. 

Temperature Sensor

The temperature of a surface is measured using a PyroCouple non-contact infrared sensor with a 0-50 mV output.

Materials including paper, thick plastics, painted surfaces, food, asphalt and organic materials are measured easily and instantaneously.

For sensor specifications, see Related Products – PyroCouple.

Wireless Transmitter

The battery-powered PZ-TX1 transmitter periodically takes a measured temperature reading from the PyroCouple temperature sensor and sends it wirelessly to a PyroNet-Z receiver.
It is supplied in a compact wall-mounted enclosure.

Wireless Receivers

A choice of single-channel or multi-channel receivers is available.

  • Single Channel
    The wall-mounted PZ-RX1 receives the wireless signal from one PZ-TX1 transmitter.
    It provides one analogue output and two relay outputs.
  • Multi Channel
    The PZ-RX125 is a DIN rail mounted unit with digital communications via RS485 or Ethernet. Its 125 channels may be individually assigned to wireless transmitters or outputs. Optional analogue and relay output modules may be added using the included clip-on bus connector.
  • Multi-Channel Output Modules
    These optional DIN rail mounted units clip onto the PZ-RX125 via the included bus connector and provide 4 analogue or relay outputs.

Single-Channel Network Layout

Multi-Channel Network Layout