Software for Calex Infrared Temperature Sensors and Data Loggers


Simple, touch-friendly software for one sensor


  • Temperature display
  • Data logging to comma-separated text file (compatible with Excel)
  • Scrolling temperature chart
  • Sensor configuration

Compatible With:

Via USB: PyroMiniUSB, PyroUSB

Via USB with LCT configuration adapter: ExTemp*, ExTempMini*

Via RS-485: PyroBus, PyroMiniBus, FibreMini (-BRT), PyroMini (-BB and -BRT),

Via RS-485 with LCT-485 network interface: ExTemp, ExTempMini

Via RS-232: PyroCube

Version: 1.17

Download for Windows (EXE, 3.5 MB): CalexConfig_FullInstaller.exe
Download for Windows (ZIP, 3.5 MB): CalexConfig_FullInstaller

* ExTemp and ExTempMini sensors: the USB interface model LCT is for configuration and diagnostics only, not continuous measurement. Use the 4-20 mA output for continuous temperature measurement, or consider the RS-485 Modbus network interface (model LCT-485).



Software for the Excelog 6 temperature data logger


  • Temperature display of all 6 channels
  • Data logging of live temperature data direct to PC
  • File format: Comma-separated text file (compatible with Excel)
  • Scrolling multi-channel temperature chart
  • Configuration of Excelog 6 settings

Version: 1.04

Download for Windows (EXE, 3 MB): CalexExcelog_FullInstaller.exe
Download for Windows (ZIP, 3 MB): CalexExcelog_FullInstaller


Third-Party Software

Calex infrared temperature sensors with Modbus communications can be monitored and configured via third-party software. Use the table of Modbus registers listed in the operator’s guide of the sensor.


Software for Discontinued Products

CalexSoft, CalexLink and CalexLog are available from our Downloads page.



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